描述:自動噴膠機裝盒機替代人手涂膠水封盒,機器噴膠均勻,封盒整齊統一,經機器包裝點產品盒打開后,無法復原回收,杜絕假冒產品給您造成點困擾,包裝頑固。 速度是30-60盒/分鐘,不同紙盒尺寸機器調節只需30分鐘,適用于多種尺寸產品裝盒。 本設備可代替3-5個工人的工作量 本機型適用化妝品、醫藥、五金、玩具、電子、食品等各類型產品裝盒包裝。 該裝盒機是集開盒、裝料、打耳、噴膠、封盒為一體,適用于多種,多規格的紙盒包裝機。 可以單獨使用亦可以與其他設備(如:稱重機、灌裝機、理料機、裝箱機等設備)組成成套流水線連動使用,形成成套生產線。 整機架及接觸物料的部件全部采用優質不銹鋼和鋁材,表面進行了拋光處理,外形美觀大方、堅固耐用! Automatic glue spraying cartoning machine Main uses: Automatic glue spraying machine filling machine instead of hand glue sealing box, machine spray glue uniform, neat and unified sealing box, adhesive sealing firm;The speed ratio of cartons is 30-60 boxes/min. It only takes 30 minutes for machine adjustment of different carton sizes. It is suitable for cartons of various sizes. After the machine packaging point product box is opened, it can not be recovered and recycled, so as to eliminate the trouble caused by fake products to you. This machine is suitable for cosmetics, medicine, hardware, toys, electronics, food and other types of products box packaging. The packing machine is a combination of box opening, material loading, ear beating, glue spraying and box sealing. It is suitable for a variety of paper box packing machines with many specifications. This equipment can replace the workload of 3-5 workers It can be used alone or combined with other equipment (such as: weighing machine, filling machine, material handling machine, packing machine, etc.) to form a complete set of production line. The frame and the parts that contact the material are all made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum, the surface has been polished, the appearance is beautiful and generous, strong and durable!The equipment has the functions of not opening the box without products, not putting the box in place or automatic stop alarm of stuck material and automatic alarm of lack of paper box. The touch screen will automatically display the fault and stop the machine to alarm and display the operation and maintenance methods of the machine.
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外型尺寸:約 長2800*寬1360*高1600mm(具體以產品大小而定)










Technical parameters:

Model: JJC-PJZHJ40

Power supply: 220V/50Kz,0.75KW

External size: about L2800* W1360* H1600mm(depending on the product size)

Pressure: 0.5-0.8 Mpa

Paper requirements for carton: 300-450g/㎡, carton indentation is not less than 0.4mm, pre-folding effect, no glue leakage in the box

Packing speed: 30-40 boxes/min (depending on carton size, product type and paper)

Carton range: length 135-200, width 50-150, height 20-40 (unit: mm)

Can be customized according to customer requirements, can be compatible with a variety of specifications

Material: aluminum + stainless steel

Weight: about 1.5 tons

Note: can be customized according to customer's packaging size, product shape machinery.