描述:我公司新研制的全自動硬盒智能自動成型機,屬國內首創,擁有四項專利。其操作簡便、應用范圍廣、生產效率高,又增加了多項自動控制功能,使設備更加實用,功能更加全面,產品性能得到了很大的提高。此外為了提高本機的自動化程度及其生產效率。該機整機設計使用雙生產線,生產效率得到了很多的提高。 本機主要適用于,翻蓋式紙盒包裝、可以完成由一張紙板到紙盒的所有包裝工序,將大大為企業降低勞動力成本提高生產效率,可替代10-20人。 Flip box intelligent automatic molding machine Main uses: Our company newly developed automatic hard box intelligent automatic forming machine, is the first in China, with four patents.Its operation is simple, the application range is wide, the production efficiency is high, and has added a number of automatic control functions, makes the equipment more practical, the function is more comprehensive, the product performance has been greatly improved.In addition, in order to improve the degree of automation and production efficiency of the machine.The machine is designed to use double production lines, the production efficiency has been a lot of improvement. This machine is mainly suitable for clamshell type carton packaging, can complete from a piece of cardboard to carton of all packaging processes, will greatly reduce labor costs for enterprises to improve production efficiency, can replace 10-20 people.
內容詳情/Details of the content


裝盒速度:30-35 box/min x2


電源類型:380V 50Hz

氣源:0.5-0.8 Mpa

耗氣量:200-260 L/min

外形尺寸:L7650xW4300xH1800 mm

                 視紙盒的大小而定 Depend on box s ize。



Technical parameters:

Packing speed: 30-35 box/min x2

Motor power: 15KW

Power supply type: 380V 50HZ

Air source: 0.5-0.8Mpa

Gas consumption: 200-260 L/min

Overall dimension: L7650XW4300XH1800 mm

It depends on the size of the carton.

Note: can be customized according to customer's packaging size, product shape machinery.